Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions

 Goods are not sold on trial basis.  Make sure that you know what you are buying / ordering.  

No return / refund / exchange on special orders and item’s that have been removed from original packing and Goods which have been supplied correctly. 

 There is a 25% handling / re-stocking charge for goods returned still packed in original condition and packaging

 Refunds are made on faulty goods still within warranty period and are un-repairable and where products has been discontinued or out of stock and no similar product are available for exchange.  Amount of refund is made according to the price of the product at the time of return and divided by remaining warranty period in full months (i.e. divided by 12 if total warranty 1 year) and balance of remaining warranty period of full months will be the amount of refund. 

Please keep all original box’s and other packaging.  Any equipment returned under warranty as faulty must be in original packaging and with original invoice (photo copies not excepted).  All item will be tested.  Where no fault is found, there will be a charge for engineers time at normal hourly rate (without exception).


Some items may include warranty registration cards / forms which must be filled and returned (recorded delivery recommended) to appropriate manufacturers.  Otherwise the equipment may not  be covered for warranty.

 On site warranty repairs are normally covered by manufacturers themselves or their approved agents / repairers.  It is end user’s responsibility to register the warranty immediately after purchase by filling & returning all paperwork / forms accompanying the equipment, otherwise the equipment is not covered with any type of warranty.  

 Warranty periods (where applicable) can vary depending on the item and it’s manufacturers.  However the warranty does not cover the  following.

Damage caused by misuse,  abuse, static damage due to improper handling,  interfacing incompatible and none standard equipment, incorrectly fitting, shock / vibration, exposure to magnets and excessive temperatures or due to other similar circumstances.  

Motherboards, memory chips, graphic cards, sound cards and various other cards are all very sensitive, and can develop invisible or hairline cracks during installation and can become  permanently damaged which is not covered by warranty.  Hard drives, CD drives, can  become damaged with very minor shock / vibration, drop or by placing them near magnets, exposure to excessive temperatures, which are not covered by warranty.

 All hardware & drivers are Windows compatible, other operating systems cannot be guaranteed.